Roads That Glow In The Dark

Roads That Glow In The Dark
A new idea is being rolled out in Holland...

To try and cut down on energy burning street lighting a company in Holland has created a road that glows in the dark.

Dan Roosegaarde was sitting in his car one day and realised that a lot of money is spent on roads, but that no one seems to care very much about the way they look.

He was also aware that the government is turning off streetlights late at night in order to conserve energy and save money. So, his company — Studio Roosegaarde — teamed up with Heijmans, a Dutch civil engineering firm, to create a paint that can glow brightly enough in the dark, and under outdoor conditions, in order to light the road safely enough for drivers to use.

The team developed a photo-luminescent powder that, when mixed with road paint, can glow in the dark for up to 10 hours after charging up from the daytime sunlight.

The paint was placed on a 0.3-mile stretch of highway N329, about 62 miles southeast of Amsterdam in the city of Oss and was unveiled to the public last week.

Studio Roosegaarde also intends to add glowing weather symbols that would activate when the symbol’s corresponding weather conditions took place; for example, snowflake glyphs would appear on the road to indicate that the road is slippery and caution is advised.

If the experiment is a success it could transform the nightime driving experience whilst also saving millions in energy costs. It could also mean we'll love the Dutch even more...