Journeys in switzerland

Imperial Drama and Fairytale Charm

Paris, Brussels and Vienna - experience three of Europe's greatest capital cities

London - Paris - Zurich - Vienna - Cologne - Brussels

From 8 days
Head for the Imperial glories of Vienna, and take in the romance of Paris, the charm of Brussels and the elegance of Zurich along the way

Lake Lucerne To The Grand Canal

The Alpine beauty of Lucerne and Lugano, the Renaissance glory of Venice, and the Belle Epoque romance of Paris

London - Lucerne - Lugano - Venice - Paris

From 8 days
An awe-inspiring train journey through the Alps leads to the wonders of Venice's shimmering canals and ancient palaces

Waterfalls and Waltzes

A breath-taking journey through the Swiss Alps to Vienna

London - Paris - Zurich - Vienna - Zurich - Paris

From 6 days
From London to Paris and onto Vienna by train - experience the city's beauty and grandeur, visit the wonderful cafes and coffee houses, and explore the palaces, galleries and museums of Austria's historic capital.

French Roads To Florence

An unforgettable road trip through nature, culture and history. Drive through the fields and mountains of France and Switzerland to see the glorious art of Florence.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Arras - Gudmont Villiers - Besancon - Lausanne - Montreux - Turin - Florence - Cannes - Lyon - Troyes - Heuchin - Calais

From 13 days
Misty mountains, silver lakes and Belle Epoque grandeur pave the way to the Renaissance masterpieces of Florence. The return journey takes in glamorous Cannes, and the medieval charm of Troyes. An unforgettable road trip.

A Long weekend in Lucerne.

A weekend in one of Europe's most beautiful locations, where the silver lake is surrounded by snowy mountains

London - Lucerne - Paris

From 4 days
Spend the weekend lost in awe and enjoyment, as you sail on Lake Lucerne, take a cable car to the summit of majestic Mount Pilatus and wander the charming old town of Lucerne.

A Long Weekend by the Swiss Lakes

See the best of Switzerland-experience the gentle beauty of Lucerne and the vibrant joy of Lugano by train

London - Paris - Lugano - Lucerne - Lucerne

From 5 days
In just a handful of days, it’s possible to experience all the beauty of both Lucerne and Lugano, via a train journey through Switzerland’s most glorious scenery.

Paris, Lyon and Lausanne.

A journey of spectacular scenery and wonderful food.

London - Paris - Lyon - Lausanne - Paris

Travel down through Lyon, the gastronomic heart of France, to the beautiful lake and mountains of Lausanne in Switzerland, visiting glorious Paris on the way.

Towns, Cities & Lakes

A journey of glorious French food and Swiss scenery.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Arras - Gudmont Villiers - Besancon - Lausanne - - Troyes - Heuchin - Calais

From 9 days
The charming towns of Northern France lead down to the grandeur of Lausanne on Lake Geneva, two days in glorious, food-obsessed Lyon, and a relaxing drive back via the historic medieval town of Troyes.

French Roads To The Alps

Dover - Calais - Paris - Lyon - Lucerne - Troyes - Lille - Calais

From 10 days
This dazzling route down to Lucerne, nestled like a glittering diamond amongst the Swiss Alps, is leads you through the very best of France.


Drive down through the Champagne region of France and tour the best of Switzerland's cities, towns and famous mountains.

Dover - Calais - Heuchin - Arras - Gudmont Villiers - Besancon - Lausanne - Bern - Interlaken - Basel - Troyes - Lille - Calais

From 13 days
Take a leisurely road trip through France into Switzerland and fall in love with magnificent Swiss cities, towns and landscapes.

The Golden Pass - London to Interlaken by train via Montreux

Travel from London and to Switzerland by train and take the Golden Pass service to Interlaken and Lucerne.

London - Paris - Montreux - Interlaken - Lucerne - Paris

From 7 days
If you want a scenic train journey then this is a wonderful chance to see the best that Switzerland has to offer. Travel from London to Lausanne in just one day on the superfast TGV service from Paris to Lausanne before connecting to Montreux and the Golden Pass, famous throughout the world for the views. You can be in London in the morning and on the shore of Lake Geneva by the evening.

London to Basel By Train

Arrive in Basel just 7 hours after leaving London St.Pancras

London - Paris - Basel - Paris

From 4 days From £115
Get to Basel without flying. By train you can leave London in the morning and arrive in Basel in the evening. You take a TGV train, a modern hi-speed service, which makes this journey simple and relaxing. A weekend in Basel by train is definitely possible...

Take The Train From London to Bern. Capital to Capital In Just 8 Hours...

You can travel from London to Bern without flying in just 8 hours. Leave London in the morning and, via Paris be in Bern by the evening.

London - Paris - Bern - Paris

From 4 days
Enjoy Eurostar and superfast TGV trains from London to Bern, the medieval capital of Switzerland. It's a simple journey by train, avoiding all the hassle of having to get to an airport, baggage allowance, searches and extra taxes. It's also a much more environmentally safer way to travel than flight. If you don't want to fly, take the train...

From London to Zurich By Train

Take Train from London to Zurich In Just 8 Hours.

London - Paris - Zurich - Paris

From 4 days
The journey from Paris to Zurich is a direct service on the hi-speed TGV service. Leave London in the morning and be in Zurich by the evening. Take the train, there's no need to fly.

London to Zermatt By Train

Leave London in the morning and be in Zermatt by bedtime.

London - Paris - Zermatt - Paris

From 7 days From £298
Travel from London to Zermatt by train and see some of the most spectacular scenery Europe has to offer on the way. Zermatt is a famous resort where no cars are allowed and you can ski amongst glorious mountainscapes.

London to Graubunden By Train

Take the train from London to Chur, St.Moritz and Davos.

London - Paris - Zurich - GRAUBÜNDEN - Zurich - Paris

From 7 days From £216
Leave London at breakfast time and be in the heart of Switzerland by evening.

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