Tour The Liberation Route in Holland


Take the train on this very moving tour that commemorates the WW2 battles around Arnhem and Nijmegen...

London - Harwich - Rotterdam - NIJMEGEN - Harwich - London

From 5 days

2014 is the 70th anniversary if the D-Day landings. To commemorate this historic event the Liberation Route has been created so that people can trace the route of the armies as they fought their way to Germany.

One of the most famous episodes in this period of WW 2 was the attempt to bring the conflict to an early end by parachuting Allied troops into Holland and crossing the Rhine into Germany. Officially called Operation Market Garden the battle was portrayed in the film A Bridge Too Far. This journey takes you to Arnhem and Nijmegen, at the heart of where the battle was fought.






Go to the Stena Line website and book your ticket on the Dutch Flyer. We suggest taking the overnight option to give you more time in Holland. The Dutch Flyer ticket allows you to carry on to any Dutch destination, so you can travel to Nijmegen and back to Hoek Van Holland Haven without paying extra. The tickets between Nijmegen and Arnhem can be booked at the station ( pay by cash ) and are only €4 each.

Go to The Trainline website ( Red Spotted Hanky is also a good site ) and book your train to London from your UK departure point. The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket is likely to be.

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If travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam by ferry book with DFDS ferries.

If travelling from Hull to Rotterdam by ferry book with P&O ferries


Day 1

London - Harwich

Days 1 - 2

Harwich - Rotterdam

Day 2

Rotterdam - NIJMEGEN

- by Rail

Days 2 - 4


Day 4

Arnhem - Rotterdam

- by Rail

Day 5

Harwich - London

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