Lake Lucerne To The Grand Canal


The Alpine beauty of Lucerne and Lugano, the Renaissance glory of Venice, and the Belle Epoque romance of Paris

London - Lucerne - Lugano - Venice - Paris - London

From 8 days
An awe-inspiring train journey through the Alps leads to the wonders of Venice's shimmering canals and ancient palaces

In a little over a week, it is possible to experience the Alpine beauty of Lucerne and Lugano, the Renaissance glory of Venice, and the Belle Epoque romance of Paris. Travelling by train means the journey becomes part of the pleasure, as you pass through snowy mountain gorges, past meadows of wildflowers, by shimmering lakes and rocky waterfalls, arriving for breakfast in the heart of Venice, one flight of steps from the Grand Canal. This holiday is a jewel-box of lifelong memories, linked by shimmering water - the silvery mists of Lucerne, Lugano’s amethyst lake, the first sight of Venice’s ancient palaces reflected in the sunlit canals…it is a week of travel to inspire the mind and soothe the soul.


Day 1

London - Lucerne

Days 1 - 2


Day 3

Lucerne - Lugano

- by Rail

Day 3


Day 4

Lugano - Venice

Days 4 - 7


Day 7

Venice - Paris

Venice Santa Lucia - Gare de Lyon by Rail - Overnight

Day 8


Day 8

Paris - London

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