An Antiquing Weekend In Brussels And Lille


Explore the brocantes and flea markets of Brussels and Lille.

Dover - Calais - Brussels - Lille - Calais - Dover

From 4 days
A weekend tour of the most exciting and eclectic flea markets in Northern Europe. Explore the brocantes and flea markets of Brussels and Lille, pick up bargain treasures, and cram them all in the car. In between browsing, enjoy the easy charm of these grand old cities.

The ideal weekend for everyone who loves to rummage through flea markets, antique shops and brocante stalls; this thrilling trip features the daily flea market of Brussels, and the Sunday morning brocante of Lille, where families, students and fashionistas poke through stalls of antiques, retro furnishings and charming bric a brac.

Investigate the elegant antique shops of Brussels' Place Sablon, and continue the theme in the funky vintage shops of Lille. In between, wander the streets of the old towns, recover in a pavement cafe, or shop for less durable souvenirs- Belgian chocolates or French patisserie.


Day 1

Dover - Calais

Day 1

Calais - Brussels

Port De Calais - by Road

Days 1 - 3


Day 3

Brussels - Lille

- by Road

Days 3 - 5


Day 5

Lille - Calais

- Port De Calais by Road

Day 5

Calais - Dover

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