A Long Weekend in Salzburg


London - Paris - Munich - Salzburg - Munich - Paris - London

From 4 days
Take the train to beautiful Salzburg; the birthplace of Mozart, where music fills the streets and theatres every night of the year. Ringed by snow-peaked mountains and crossed by a sparkling jade river, this beautiful city combines ancient, onion-domed churches with cosy restaurants and lofty medieval palaces.

Anyone wondering what to do in Salzburg will be overwhelmed by possibility- spend the weekend exploring the old town, with its unchanged artisan shops and centuries old inns, visit the beautiful churches and cathedral, which resonate with history, or follow the skipping steps of the Von Trapps through the city’s famous squares, before taking a horse drawn carriage through the streets. A weekend here, breathing air as pure as a nun’s thoughts, will mean you return home restored and rejuvenated, with glorious memories of this Austrian gem.


Day 1

London - Paris

Days 1 - 2

Paris - Munich

Gare de l'Est - Munich Hauptbahnhof by Rail - Overnight

Day 2

Munich - Salzburg

Days 2 - 3


Day 3

Salzburg - Munich

Days 3 - 4

Munich - Paris

Munich Hauptbahnhof - Gare de l'Est by Rail - Overnight

Day 4

Paris - London

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