This little round bar perches at the top of its tower like a land atop the Faraway tree. Patrons must cram into the lift, having walked through Brasserie Lipp beneath. So it’s not the easiest bar to access- but its charm is the view. From its windows, Zurich stretches into the distance; with landmarks sticking up like little flags from each vantage point- the Grosmunster, the lake, the river, the town hall… hours could pass, wandering the circular room, looking at a new view from each window.

It is, of course, hard to get a table in the evening, but at lunchtime or late afternoon, it’s a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a cocktail, or one of the many wines by the glass, as the sun dips below the mountains.

MAIN PICTURE: View from the Jules Verne

Guide to THE JULES VERNE BAR, Zurich
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