The fabulous Naschmarkt has over 120 stands selling food and drink; and it's the sort of food that makes you want to buy huge bags of gleaming vegetables and packets of searing spices, creative artisan cheese and fish that's still enjoying a recent memory of the sea, take it back to your stylish Viennese pied a terre, and cook a wonderful dinner for the opera singer who's coming round with champagne after the performance. It's a market that inspires imagination- and it is home to several casual but excellent restaurants and bars, where chefs and shoppers mingle with students and musicians, all united in the pursuit of good food.

Linke Wienzeile, 1040 Vienna Kettenbruckenstrasse

In the Mood


Waiting For Sunrise- William Boyd

The Morning Gift- Eva Ibbotson

Embers- Sandor Marai



Before Sunrise

The Third Man


Offenbach: Tales of Hoffmann

Strauss: Best of Waltzes and Polkas- Weiner Philharmoniker

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

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