Museum Quarter

This spacious area houses several of Vienna's most significant museums, and offers a peacefully modern breathing space amidst all the wild Baroque and frantic Rococo of the surrounding streets. The city is home to over a hundred museums and art collections, so only the most stoical tourist could expect to see them all. A day here is the perfect compromise. The Leopold Museum has the largest collection of Egon Schiele's paintings in the world, and several major works by Klimt, the founder of the Secessionist school, which broke in 1897 from the rigid strictures of the Viennese art establishment, with the bold rallying cry, 'To the Age, its Art. To Art, its Freedom.'The Museum of Modern Art showcases Picasso alongside Andy Warhol, while other museums include The Architecture Centre, and the charming 'Zoom', an interactive children's museum. Good cafes and restaurants surround the main square, and the boldly curated, colourful museum shops sell everything from art monographs to solar-powered models of the Queen.

Guide to Museum Quarter, ViennaGuide to Museum Quarter, Vienna

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In the Mood


Waiting For Sunrise- William Boyd

The Morning Gift- Eva Ibbotson

Embers- Sandor Marai



Before Sunrise

The Third Man


Offenbach: Tales of Hoffmann

Strauss: Best of Waltzes and Polkas- Weiner Philharmoniker

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

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