Cafe Dreschler

There is something of the Weimar Republic in this Terence Conran-designed take on a traditional coffee house, which evokes a pre-war utilitarian chic with its oxblood leather banquettes and grey walls. The lively crowd could easily be fulminating revolution- or equally, discussing where to cycle to this weekend. The red wine is a little rough, and the menu is relatively short, but Cafe Dreschler is open 23 hours a day. Perfect for the poet, one man band or traveller in need of sustaining food, drink and conversation.

website Linke Wienzelle 22 Vienna Kettenbruckengasse

In the Mood


Waiting For Sunrise- William Boyd

The Morning Gift- Eva Ibbotson

Embers- Sandor Marai



Before Sunrise

The Third Man


Offenbach: Tales of Hoffmann

Strauss: Best of Waltzes and Polkas- Weiner Philharmoniker

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

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