The Lion Of Lucerne

"The Lion of Lucerne is the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world,” wrote Mark Twain. This lovely sculpture was commissioned by a surviving officer to commemorate the heroic deaths of his comrades, the Lucerne guards who died in Paris in the throes of the Revolution in 1792. The Lion Monument radically differs from most stone memorials to the fallen, because instead of a lion rampant, radiating bravery and military zeal, this one lies, devastated, upon its rock; pain and loss etched on its broad face, one paw dangling helplessly. Berthel Thorvaldsen’s monument is set in a peaceful small park off Denkmalstrasse, in the centre of Lucerne.

Denkmalstrasse 4 6006 Lucerne 041 410 43 40 Bus Lowenplatz

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