Mount Pilatus

This is the mountain that watches over Lucerne, romantically wreathed in mist. Cable car ‘gondolas’ carry passengers to the peak. There, the weather can sweep from crisp, vivid sunlight to mist and snow in moments. Fellow travellers become ghostly shadows and the only sounds are the cogwheel railway, the steepest in the world, whose red trains still climb steadily towards the summit, and the cries of wheeling birds. But when the clouds part and Lucerne twinkles below, its water reflecting the mountains, it is an experience as close as most of us ever get to transcendence. The Golden Round Trip offers a scenic boat journey across the lake, the trip up to the 2132m high summit on the cog railway and then a cable car gondola ride back down towards Lucerne where you can then walk back to the centre (about 15 minutes) or catch a bus. 

Take the boat to Alpnachstad from Pier 2 opposite the railway station, where there is a ticket office. The Golden Ticket entitles you to the whole round trip. 

Guide to Mount Pilatus, LucerneGuide to Mount Pilatus, Lucerne

Guide to Lucerne, Switzerland
Guide to Mount Pilatus, Lucerne

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