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Guide to Langres, France

Langres dates back to Gallic Roman times. It became prosperous in the middle ages, and the walls constructed to protect during that time still stand today. The walls stretch around the town for 3.5km and there are 7 gates. The magnificent Cathedral of St.Mammes was built in the 12th Century. Much of the old town still exists. It's also known for the AOC protected cheese of the same name.

Langres' most famous son is Jeanne Mance who went on to found Quebec.

Parking is free by the tourist office, which is located at Square Olivier Lahalle in the centre of the town.

Photo credits: OTSI Pays de Langres Gerard Feron & Jean Francois Feutriez

Guide to Langres, FranceGuide to Langres, France

Guide to Langres, France

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