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Guide to Innsbruck, Austria
"The treasury of the Alps"

Circled by mountains and crossed by rivers, Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is an enclave of charm. Its old town is a fairy tale illustration of cheerful cafes, churches and neatly polished shops, and the riverside houses are all painted in different ice cream shades, trees bowing down to the water, with the mountains rising like drifts of caster sugar in the distance.

Founded over 800 years ago, between the Northern limestone Alps and the Central Alps, much of the city was shaped by the Hapsburg Emperor, Maximillian 1 and his sons, who built the glorious Hofburg Imperial Palace by the Old Town, where medieval houses crouch at its walls like supplicants. The Old Town, too, is home to the city's most famous architectural treasure, The Golden Roof, built by Archduke Friedrich IV in the 15th century.

The city expanded from the 18th century, hence its gilded, neo-classical architecture, alongside the chic serenity of its modern, wood-clad buildings, where every angle looks like a shoot for Wallpaper* magazine. The view down the splendid Maria-Theresien-Strasse towards the medieval old town offers a theatrical backdrop of the majestic Nordkette mountain chain, which can be reached by a very chic and modern funicular railway, the Hungerburgbahn designed by Zaha Hadid.

Innsbruck is also a huge sporting destination, having hosted the Winter Olympics three times. Everybody skis, though just breathing the air is enough to impart a sense of unexpected fitness and well-being. Perhaps it's not surprising that the city is home to an unusual number of Centenarians.

Guide to Innsbruck, AustriaGuide to Innsbruck, Austria


Bergisel Ski Jump & Tirol Panorama At The Tirol Land Museum

This astounding ski jump and stadium was designed by architect Zaha Hadid, and opened in 2002. more
Bergiselweg 3 6020 Innsbruck 0512 589259 Taxi approximately 9 Euros Tram No 1

Nordkette Mountains

The Nordkette mountains rise up from the North of Innsbruck's centre, providing a breathtaking and surreal backdrop to the main shopping street, Maria-Theresien-Strasse. more
Hungerburgbahn, Rennweg 5 6020 Innsbruck

THE OLD TOWN - Altstadt

The area is laden with history and it's possible to spend a whole day wandering through the streets, churches and palaces. more
Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 15 6020 Innsbruck


The Lichtblick

Rathaus Maria-Theresienstrasse 18 6020 Innsbruck

Chez Nico

It's quite rare to find vegetarian restaurants in the Tirol, let alone ones serving food to this standard... more
Maria-Theresienstrasse 49 6020 Innsbruck

Guide to Innsbruck, AustriaGuide to Innsbruck, Austria


Café Munding

Just near the Golden Roof is Cafe Munding, Innsbruck’s oldest coffee house which opened in 1803... more
Kiebachgasse 16, Mundingplatzl 6020 Innsbruck

Strudel Cafe Kroll

This delightful cafe (which started as a bakery) in the Altstadt... more
Hofgasse 6 6020 Innsbruck

Cafe 360

The sweeping view makes it an essential Innsbruck experience... more
Maria-Theresien-Strasse 18 6020 Innsbruck


Grand Hotel Europa

This grand old dame of Innsbruck, with its classical facade, is perfectly located just across the road from the train station... more
Sudtiroler Platz 2 6020 Innsbruck Just across the road from the main station.

The Penz Design Hotel

This modern boutique hotel is just a minute away from the old town, so is perfectly located... more
Adolf-Pichler-Platz 3 6020 Innsbruck

Romantik Hotel Schwarzer Adler

This former 500 year old inn, now one of Innsbruck's most treasured hotels, is owned and run by the Ultsch family, as it has been for several generations... more
Kaiserjagerstrasse 2 6020 Innsbruck

Guide to Innsbruck, Austria


Artwork by infamous Tyrolean painter Max Weiler (1910-2001) is often found in the most unexpected places such as shrines along Hallerstrasse, on a column adorned with mosaics at the entrance to a clothes shop, or murals painted on hotel facades and the Innsbruck Casino.

In nearby villages, there is a May custom where they erect a tall pine tree and put sausages at the top. Villagers then have to climb up them to claim them. On the eve of the festival, neighbouring villagers try to sabotage each others sausages...

Most food is seasonal- nobody eats sauerkraut in Summer. Local wines and beers are good and not too expensive.

There's a very long life expectancy in the region, with 40 people over 100 alive at the time of writing.

National costume is not considered to be hilarious. Many older people wear dirndls and lederhosen. So avoid sniggering.

Most shops are closed on Sundays, or have limited opening hours.

Getting Around


Innsbruck isn't a large town and it's easy to walk around. However it has a very efficient public transport system with buses, trams and the funicular railway.

There are various ticket options available such as 24 hour or 4 day passes. Children under 6 go free (up to 2 children per adult).

There are plenty of car-parks in the city, which cost about £2 per hour.

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