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Guide to Cannes, France
“In the early morning the distant image of Cannes, the pink and cream of old fortifications, the purple Alp that bounded Italy, were cast across the water and lay quavering in the ripples and rings sent up by sea-plants through the clear shallows.” F Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is The Night
Although Cannes is surrounded by glorious Provencal landscape, and bathed in glittering Mediterranean sunlight, few come here to admire nature, or think philosophical thoughts whilst gazing at the horizon. Cannes is a place to enjoy life’s bolder pleasures; fine food, champagne, shopping and seduction are the fuel of the Cote D’Azur’s most glamorous spot. Nowadays there may be more TV executives than playboys in the restaurants and more Russian models than starlets teetering down the Croisette where Brigitte Bardot once pouted, but the scent of money still wafts through the streets on the sea breeze, and the wealthy old duchesses, liveried doormen and Ferragamo-loafered Eurocrats support the idea that all one really needs in life is valet parking and a miniature dog in a Gucci holdall.

Cannes is not a subtle town. The Croisette is a hectic parade of designer stores, casinos and very expensive restaurants, while the beach below is largely divided into private areas, belonging to the hotels and featuring menus whose prices for simple salads would buy a beach hut elsewhere. Cannes is for 24 hour cocktail party people, a place for casinos and conventions, festivals and fame. It’s also a fascinating place to spend a couple of days, exploring the town and its nightlife, enjoying the hotel pool, or the breezy, sandy beach; sitting at a seafood restaurant watching the parade of stars, oligarchs and ordinary people pass by- all drawn to this decadent, dramatic city by the sea.

Guide to Cannes, FranceGuide to Cannes, France


La Croisette

This wide stretch of promenade separates the bay from the seafront’s grand hotels, each jostling for position like mastodons at the watering hole more

Le Suquet

This is the old town of Cannes, once a fishing village and now a glitzy puzzle of narrow streets lined with restaurants and bars more
Rue De Suquet 06400 Cannes


Le Bistro Gourmand

In Le Souquet, right beside the Marche Forville, Cannes’ daily food market, so it’s no surprise that dishes are fresh and seasonal more
Marche Forville, 10 Rue du Docteur Pierre Gazagnaire 06400 Cannes 04 93 68 72 02


This attractive restaurant where Le Souquet meets the main Croisette, has a soothingly international ambiance more
22 Rue Saint-Antoine 06400 Cannes 04 93 39 13 10

Guide to Cannes, FranceGuide to Cannes, France



L'Amiral is the bar of the famous Hotel Martinez, which means a constant stream of the famous and wealthy passes through its doors more
73 Boulevard de la Croisette 06400 Cannes 04 92 98 73 00


Hotel Intercontinental

For a glorious experience of belle époque charm and luxury, the Intercontinental is unbeatable more
58 Boulevard de la Croisette 06400 Cannes 04 93 06 40 06

Hotel Martinez

This is the quintessential Cannes hotel- chic, luxurious, and with an Art Deco charm redolent of the golden age of the Cote D’Azur more
73 Boulevard de la Croisette 06400 Cannes 04 92 98 74 12

Guide to Cannes, France

In The Mood


Tender is the Night - F Scott Fitzgerald

 Night Without Stars - Winston Graham

 Super-Cannes - JG Ballard

The Garden Of Eden- Ernest Hemingway



Mr Bean’s Holiday

French Kiss


Dizzy on the French Riviera- Dizzy Gillespie

French Riviera House Floor

 2011 Festival de Cannes (various)


Although Cannes’s reputation as one of the more expensive outposts of the Riviera is deserved, there are plenty of affordable places to eat and drink- just avoid the Croisette and the tourist bars of Le Souquet and head to the centre of Cannes, where the locals go.

Avoid May- during the film festival, prices shoot up, and it’s impossible to find accommodation in the city itself.

Several museums have free entry days- the Musee de la Castre is free on the first Sunday of every month. There is free wi-fi access in the town hall- the login and password is, simply, “Cannes.”

Seafood is excellent in Cannes- there are several good seafood restaurants just behind the Croisette. Be wary of sitting outside however- there may be an extra charge, and the seating areas are a magnet for buskers and beggars. Inside can be cooler and more relaxed.

At the grand hotels, there is valet parking- so be prepared to hand over the car keys when you arrive.

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